Infantry Units Edit


Line Infantry



Elite Light Infantry

Assault Infantry

Special Infantry Units: Edit

Old Guard (Napoleonic France)

Redshirt (Italy + Sardinia)

Dominion Militia (Dominion of Canada)

Maxim Gunner (United States)

Patriotic Army (Gran Columbia)

Aboriginal Militia (Tribal Union)

Highlander (United Kingdom)

Calvary Units Edit

Light Calvary


Heavy Calvary

Musket Calvary

Armored Car

Special Calvary Units: Edit

Tank (United Kingdom)

Horse Grenadier Guard (Napoleonic France)

Hungarian Hussar (Austria + Holy Roman Empire)

Russian Cossacks (Russia)

Mamluk Calvary (Ottoman Empire)

Death's Head Hussar (Kingdom of Prussia)

Aboriginal Calvary (Tribal Union)

Artillery Units Edit

Light Artillery

Heavy Artillery

Siege Artillery

Rocket Artillery

Field Artillery

Special Artillery Units: Edit

Krupp Cannon (Kingdom of Prussia)

Tsar Cannon (Russian Empire)

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