The Mexican Republic is a Great Power, which emerged after the winning their war of independence.

Description Edit

Mexico has a large territory that runs from the northwest in Oregon, to the Panama Canal.

Its capital and most important city is Mexico City, also with others such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Havana, the rest of its cities do not have a strong economic or strategic value, because it is not a country with a strong industry, rather a country based on mining, agriculture and commerce

In spite of being a nation of category of 3 stars, in the military, Mexico does not have a great army, conformed by granderos, artillery and heavy cavalry, the majority is located in border with the United States, and has 2 formidable generals, Guadalupe Victoria and Santa Anna.

History Edit

When Napoleon invaded and controlled Spain in 1808, in America, they took advantage of the situation to free themselves from European domination. In Mexico, the priest Miguel Hidalgo, supported by the commanders Aldama, Allende and Morelos, started the armed movement in Guanajuato, spreading throughout New Spain, but after the end of the war in Europe, Spain, mobilized armies to America, making a war of attrition. Finally in 1819, the Chief Insurgent Vicente Guerrero and the Commander of the Army of New Spain, agreed to a deal, creating the Trigarante Army, giving the victory and creation to the Mexican Empire in 1821.

Iturbude is named Emperor of the Mexican Empire, while Santa Anna, Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria are appointed heads of the National Army, in charge of defending Mexico, of an imminent Spanish attack from Cuba.

Mexican Republic

Mexico with at see, in the conquest: 1812

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